Dark Times

1 - Black smoke covering the valley


The party was traveling to Silverymoon when they had to make a stop at Nesme. The town was crowded with caravans all over the place. the news was that a thick black smoke was covering the valley after Nesme towards Silverymoon. nobody was keen to move on until it was cleared.

The trade was booming since the town was overpopulated with merchants and adventurers. Our party had a brief walk around the town and was keen to explore it even more. They were given 200 gold each by their quest giver which was an eye opening advanced payment for their quest. They were keen to visit the shops and have a browse through wares.

They were also given something else, a pale white crystal. They were not told much about it but they were ensured that it would come handy on their path to Crystal Sage. The crystal looked dull and lifeless when they investigated it during the travel and stayed that way.

They started walking.



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