Dark Times

The light is fading..

the Quest

It was strange times in Faerun..

It has been 3 years since the nights started to creep into the day, started to become longer and longer.. The sun seemed weak, faded. it had been months since someone could warm them bones under a noon's heat.. It was cold all year, crops won't grow, rice and wheat was scarce. Even fire.. was diminishing…it was fading.

The word on the streets talked about monstrosities lurking, dead are restless and children were quiet.. so quiet.

Strange times brought more work for adventurers, search lost people, lost live stock, more protection, caravan escorts. Our party although fresh, already made a name for themselves and contracts were pouring. One stood out from above else.

It was an elderly man ludleth asked for their aid, he claimed to be a lord in his time if you believed his words. He was seeking an ember, a crystal which had fire trapped in it. He claimed it was held by someone called "The Crystal Sage" a wizard of considerable power.

The party wouldn't be keen for such an intimidating quest where less risky quests were plentiful but the rewards promised were not short of a king's bounty.

in addition to gold, weapons and fame, he offered a path to immortality..

So they were given a direction, they were traveling past vast dead plains and hills as they reached the town of Nesme, a place for commonfolk where nothing.. ever.. happened…





Gloomy forecasts about the near future…

The light is fading..

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